Black Guy Tyrone Eats A Thick, Brown Substance That Came Out Of His Big, Black Hole.

Tyrone went to the kitchen and checked if there’s anything delicious in the fridge.

“Hmm, there are two eggs, one slice of cheese, a bottle of ketchup and some avian feces leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.” He noticed and checked on the freezer, “Nothing inside here…”

He got really hungry and had to eat FAST. Otherwise he could DIE. He didn’t want to be like all those mainstream black boys, dying from starvation everyday somewhere in Africa (wherever it was), so he decided that he’s gonna eat anything he’ll find in his house.

However, when he tried to swallow his TV he almost broke his jaw.

“Shit, I gotta eat something softer and smaller than that…” he said to himself, “Wait…. ‘shit’… I know!”

He pulled down his pants, crouched down and a literal black hole appeared in front of him. He reached into it and grabbed some chocolate ice cream.

“Thank you black hole, you never disappoint me.” He said.

“No problem dawg.” The black hole replied, “You know I’m always there for you, my nigga.”

And then the hole disappeared. Tyrone got up and pulled up his pants, and then he ate the ice cream.


Didn’t expect that, huh?


Refreshing Old Shits

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Patrick log onto his Facebook and scrolled through his friends’ newest posts.

“Hmm, all of my friends are posting videos of popular YouTubers, funny photos of cats and emo-songs, that make me wanna kill myself.” he noticed, “Maybe I should post something as well, so that bitches from my class will finally notice me.

Patrick opened up YouTube and looked at his favorite songs. He found a cool, relaxing song and copied its url adress.

“Who recognizes this song, thumbs up! :D” Patrick wrote in his post and pasted a link to Gorillaz – Amarillo.

After a few minutes he received the first comment.

“Omg! Someone posted a comment! :D” Patrick got excited.

Tell me, why do you post some crap from 2010? :p Don’t be lame Patrick ;d”

“…” Patrick lost his smile.

“It’s a… decent song, but I got soooo sleepy while listening to this 😐 Like, what the hell.”

“XDDDDDD Patrick, you’re such a Patrick! XD Hahaha, topkek :D”

“Gorillaz haven’t released an album for years, why did you remind me of them?”

“Don’t post old crap, Patrick.”

At this moment Patrick got furious, and left his house quickly. He ran through the city and forced his way to Angelina’s house. He knocked her out with a strong hit with a baseball bat, tied her up and ran back to his basement, where he left her. Then he ran out again and captured a couple more people, that were stupid enough to laugh at him.



The guys Patrick captured woke up after a few hours, when Patrick splashed a bucket of cold piss on them.

“Dafuq is happening?” Damien woke up.

“Where am I? What are you doing here?!” Angelina started panicking.

“Why am I tied up?” Jacob started wriggling.

“I wanna go home!” Peter cried.

“Wait, who’s there in the darkness? Show yourself!” Tiffany shouted.

Then Patrick came out of the darkness.

“Patrick!??” everyone was confused.

Patrick was holding a bag. He opened it and spilled its content out on the floor.

“What is this?!” Damien shouted, “What the hell are you doing, Patrick?”

Patrick sighed and crouched.

“What I spilled here, is what I’ve been gathering for the past few hours. Anyone knows, what it is?” he asked.

Everyone was frightened.

“Is this… dog shit?” Angelina winced.

“Naturally.” Patrick replied, “Not just one, but a whole pile of dog shit. Old, dry dog shits, that I found and gathered just to bring them here and show them to you.”

“W-well, now that we’ve s-seen it, maybe you can l-let us go, h-huh?” Peter mumbled.

“Well no, my dear friend.” Patrick patted his head, “Because I want to see, how you refresh these shits.”

“What??” Jacob asked.

“As I said, you won’t leave this place, until you refresh these shits.”

“Patrick, what the fuck are you talking about, let us free!” Tiffany shouted, but then Patrickk aimed his shotgun at her face.

‘Come on! Refresh these shits!” Patrick screamed and started laughing like a maniac.

Everyone was scared shitless after Patrick aimed his shotgun at them.

“Wait, how are we supposed to refresh that?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, right, silly me.” Patrick said, and opened a second bag. He spilled its content on the floor. “Here you have brown paint, paintbrushes and glitter. You have to paint these shits perfectly. Move!”

“But you tied us up! D: ” Angelina cried.

“So paint with your mouths, now!”

Everyone was too afraid to disobey, so they grabbed paintbrushes with their mouths and dipped them in brown paint. It was difficult, so all of them got dirty, which was very funny to Patrick.

They started painting the shits, and after like 15 minutes the shits were beautifully brown.

“Now spill the glitter on them, come on!”

They started spilling glitter on the shits and soon they were all shiny and glorious.

“Hey, can you tell me why do you refresh old shit?!” Patrick laughed like a madman, “Huh?! Tell me, why are you refreshing old shits!”

“You forced us to do it!!” Jacob yelled.

“Now you see, how it is, when somebody laughs at you, because you refresh old shit!”

“This doesn’t make ANY sense!” TIffany claimed, “Where is the logic in what you’re saying?!

Patrick then realized, that his revenge was in fact pointless, and when he releases them, they’re gonna go to police and they will get Patrick locked up.

Patrick took out a small, metalic stick from his ass. The stick had a lamp near the top.

“Look at this lamp.” Patrick said.

“Patrick, when I get out of here, I will fuck you up, and…” FLASH! Angelina and the others collapsed.

Patrick brought them back to their homes, and then he returned to his home and cleaned up the shits in his basement.

Next day in school everything was like always. Patrick deleted his post with his favorite track, before anyone else saw it, and those who commented on it got their memory erased.

Patrick entered a geography class

“Who’s gonna show me on this map, where lies Democratic Republic of Congo?” the teacher asked.

“MEEE!” Patrick yelled and aimed his ass at the map. He shot a shit from his ass directly where Democratic Republic of Congo was.”

“PATRICK!” the teacher screamed, “Why would you do this?!”

Patrick zipped his pants back and said:

“Because I’m retarded, and the story needed some anticlimatic ending anyway.